Below are some reminders and additional info for the Isotopes/Soccer/Concert Fundraising:



  • Legends (Isleta Concerts) Open House is Saturday, August 7th, 1:00pm at Isleta Amphitheatre. If you are considering being a Stand Lead for the concerts, I highly encourage you to attend. The Open House is our opportunity to become familiar with our stands. 

    • Please carefully read the slides in the attached NPO Training Handout and email me confirmation that you have read the slides. If you signed the acknowledgement form at the meeting, I will submit it when I receive your confirmation. If you did not sign at the meeting, please print, sign, and email me a picture of the last page of the slides.


  • Isotopes/Soccer Games 

    • 10% of food sales

    • 8% of alcohol sales

    • 10-12 volunteers per game minimum


  • Isleta Concerts 

    • 8% of food sales

    • 5% of alcohol sales

    • We’ll be assigned our own stand for the entire season – We have the North Draft/Liquor Stand and the South Draft/Liquor Stand (4-5 servers each). Basketball has the South Fishbowl Stand (5-6 servers).

    • Must staff our stand for ALL Live Nation concerts 


  • Commissions 

    • 5% Club + 5% Stand Leader + 5% Asst. Stand Leader + 85% (divided amongst all volunteers) = 100%

    • Only volunteers who sign up via Sign-Up Genius will receive a commission. For example, if you and your daughter are signed up to work, and she decided to bring a friend without signing up the friend on the sign-up Genius or it’s full; her friend will not be paid a commission. 

    • There may be times we need extra volunteers with very short notice. I will send notifications out via GroupMe and the first to reply will get the spot. I will then update the Sign-Up Genius. 

    • If you are not able to cover your shift, use GroupMe or reach out to me to help find a replacement ASAP. 


  • Contract/Rules 

    • I will be sending out the Club-specific contract early next week. 


  • Schedule

    • I will be creating a Sign-Up Genius for each of the games and concerts, and will post it this weekend. 


We are committed to teaching the fundamental skills and strategy of volleyball while focusing on discipline, drive, unity, creativity and trust. We strive to provide an atmosphere where our student athletes understand the value of competition and teaming towards a clear goal, giving them the ability to excel on and off the court.


Our club philosophy is simple. Success is a result of confidence, drive, and breadth of knowledge, as well as affording a little patience. Success does not result from a focus on winning. However, winning is surely a result of a focus on success. Our focus is on success. To accomplish this, we focus on the players themselves and on their confidence, drive, and breadth.


We strive to teach through example, many perspectives on leadership, confidence, and humility, and how breadth of skill and balance in life’s priorities are keys to success. We stress the use of creativity and how to accept failure as lessons for success. We strive for a goal of perfect execution of skills, balanced with the creativity to experiment and make mistakes along the way. We encourage drive and dedication, balanced with room for fun and freedom. We encourage our coaches to challenge themselves and strike a balance between the success of each player and the success of each team as a whole. We strive to teach, balanced with our desire to learn.


Vanessa Petty