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Mission: At DCVA we have one mission: “Leverage youth Sports to prepare young athletes for adult life”. The lessons that are learned as an individual and as a team player will provide our athletes a head start on dealing with personal challenges throughout their lives. We do this through maintaining strict adherence with our club philosophy of “balance”.


We are committed to teaching the fundamental skills and strategy of volleyball while focusing on discipline, drive, unity, creativity and trust. We strive to provide an atmosphere where our student athletes understand the value of competition and teaming towards a clear goal, giving them the ability to excel on and off the court.


Our club philosophy is simple. Success is a result of confidence, drive, and breadth of knowledge, as well as affording a little patience. Success does not result from a focus on winning. However, winning is surely a result of a focus on success. Our focus is on success. To accomplish this, we focus on the players themselves and on their confidence, drive, and breadth.


We strive to teach through example, many perspectives on leadership, confidence, and humility, and how breadth of skill and balance in life’s priorities are keys to success. We stress the use of creativity and how to accept failure as lessons for success. We strive for a goal of perfect execution of skills, balanced with the creativity to experiment and make mistakes along the way. We encourage drive and dedication, balanced with room for fun and freedom. We encourage our coaches to challenge themselves and strike a balance between the success of each player and the success of each team as a whole. We strive to teach, balanced with our desire to learn.


Duke City Volleyball Athletics (DCVA) was started in 2016 as a grassroots movement by a few coaches and parents who were members of another competitive club, but who were unhappy with the philosophy and workings of that club. We felt like there was not enough focus on the individual players. We felt it important to treat each player with the same respect as every other player, no matter the age, skill, or pedigree.


We started in a 2-court facility where our six teams practiced alongside futsal and basketball games. The following year we combined with another area club to form the 505 Volleyball Academy. Together we formed a non-profit organization of the same name. This is the reason we use DCVA and 505VBA interchangeably. Together, in December of 2017, we leased our current space at the Fieldhouse. Recently however, the owners of the Fieldhouse, noting our success, decided to start their own volleyball club in that space, and soon after, terminated our lease. We are building a new facility in the same I-25/Paseo corridor which will be move-in ready in February 2024


Through many trials and tribulations, we have come to settle on a great leadership and great coaching staff, along with a group of loyal members, all of whom we consider part of our family. We are now in our eighth season as a club, and we plan on many more. 


We have a wide range of skill levels at our club with ages ranging from 8 to 18 years; from our 2019 USAV NationalChampion team, to our beginner 8-11U Locals players who are just learning about this awesome sport.



  • City of Albuquerque: Designation of July 4th, 2019 as Duke City Volleyball Academy Day by Mayor Tim Kelle

  • USAV 13U National Division, USAV Girls National Champions

  • Multiple, annual invitations at the USAV Girls Junior National Championships

  • Multiple appearances in the medal Divisions in USAV National Qualifiers

  • Hundreds of Sun Country Region Bid Qualifier and out-of-Region tournament medals in Gold, Silver and Bronze


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